A Vehicle Access Control Shared Mobility Platform

Revolutionize the way you manage your car sharing fleet with our innovative shared mobility platform which integrates smart infrastructure access management to provide multi-modal access. Our middleware solution removes the complexity of handling real-life system- and connectivity-availability problems, providing security and privacy-compliancy, and no single-vendor lock-in. 

VAC Features

Seamless Integration and no vendor lock-ins

Our middleware solution integrates with the onboard units of multiple vendors, giving you a single API to interface with for multi-modal access, and the flexibility to choose the unit that works best for your business.

Scalable and Reliable

Our highly-available and scalable distributed system ensures that our platform is always ready to handle unexpected downtimes and the demands of the busiest car sharing operations.

Handling Real-World Problems

Our shared mobility platform is designed to take care of the complexity of real-life problems with cars, such as connectivity issues, privacy concerns, and security issues, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.

Tested by experienced partners

Our platform has been thoroughly designed in collaboration with two of the most experienced companies in the German carsharing space. The first is in the process of migrating their fleet into our system after extensive testing, and the second which has brought their experience as a shared mobility provider enabling shared mobility for thousands of cars in Germany.

Future ML-Powered Operations Insights

Our in-progress AI-powered system will provide data-driven optimization suggestions to help you maximize the efficiency of your fleet and increase profitability.

Our Clients and Collaborators

Cambio CarSharing

Cambio Mobility Services is one of our collaborators and testing partners. Their decade-long experience in being one of the biggest stations-based car sharing operator in Germany is a highly-valuable contribution to what makes this platform today and will become tomorrow.


A full-package provider of software and harware – we are excited to be collaborating and testing with Cantamen – a provider to a number of large carsharing operators and thousands of cars in Germany.

Current Compatibilities

Fully fledged Booking Management for INVERS’ CloudBoxx 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE-M Telematics Boxes. CloudBoxxes support a mixed fleet from micro mobility to electric vehicles.

Integrated support for the legacy IBoxx Telematics Boxes using the ICS Backend Server. IBoxxes support a wide range of vehicles and building infrastructure.

Integrated support for cantamen’s ShareWizard Telematics Boxes which provide support for a mixed fleet of vehicles, micro mobility, and building infrastructure through electronic locks

Implemented KENTIX’s Access Manager API which automates access right management for customers requiring entry and exit from areas like buildings, gates parking lots, etc.

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