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As WIOQnet we provide engineering services in the areas of Embedded System development, IoT System design, and Cloud application development. Our expertise is backed by collaborations with tier one automotive suppliers to develop secure access using constrained devices. Currently we work with Cambio CarSharing on a robust cloud application to enhance their fleet access and control. And on the consumer side, we developed a cross-platform mobile app that enhances private and corporate security by removing the need for password based logins.

Our capabilities stretch further than business or consumer applications, as our background lies in wireless comms. research. Which lead us to develop and patent novel security for point-to-point communications. Therefore, you can trust us to provide engineering services tailored for you.

Cloud Vehicle Access Control with Cambio CarSharing

We are currently in a cooperation with one of the largest car sharing companies on the german market. We are developing a middle ware that enables communication between the car sharing company and the board computer used in the car in secure way.





Passwordless Accounts

Everybody uses keys to open doors everyday and it is pretty easy. What you also use everyday are passwords, either to log into your computer or your online accounts.

With  a lot of different accounts we normally use the same password for each one of them.This is a potential security issue making it easy to steal your identity by just finding out one password.

WIOQnet developed a solution which is easier than just typing in your password. Just download the WIOKey app and register your account once. We made an installation tutorial for you. 

Our story

Founded in 2018 by Jonathan Bechtold, Andrei Stoica and Ivan Morales, a diverse team of engineers. We started on keyless entry system and the protection against eavesdropping and decode and forward attacks  which are covered in our first patent. We tested the technology in pilot projects with tier one automotive suppliers. These projects resulted in our second patent for amplify and forward attack detection. This resulted in a Secret key Generation for BLE devices. In May 2020  the German accelerator program helped us to introduce our first product  the WIOkey. Currently we are working on a project with Cambio. 

Patented physical layer security solutions

First patent(WO2020120292A1): 

  • Protection against eavesdroppers and key extraction   
  • Protection against decode and forward (DF) using low cost microcontrollers to detect delays  (~50-200us) under strict round trip times (RTT) bounds 

Second patent (patent in the process of publishing)

  • Protection against Amplify & Forward (AF) attacks by detection of additional distortions.

Meet our team

Jonathan Bechtold

Jonathan Bechtold

Systems Engineer

  • Electronics and Comms. expertise
  • +5 years R&D on Physical Layer Security
  • Member of 6G Trust, Security & Privacy WG
Iván Morales

Iván Morales

Systems Engineer

  • Electrical & Computer Engineer expertise
  • +3 years R&D Physical Layer Security
  • Coding-based cryptographic key extraction
Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Abreu

Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Abreu

Technology Advisor

  • +20 years on Wireless Communications  Research
  • Co-founder & Advisor of Series A startup and innovation partner to over a dozen blue-chip companies
Jan Felix Schuster

Jan Felix Schuster

Business Development

  • +2y consulting experience
  • R&D project management in the areas of Chemistry and Industrial Engineering

Business Inquiries

Our Blog

“WioKey” Alpha Release Out Now

“WioKey” Alpha Release Out Now

WIOsense released their first alpha release version of WioKey in the Google Playstore. Besides providing a second-factor security for your accounts, the app also supports the FIDO2 standard for passwordless access. Numerous features are planned to be released in the...

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