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As WIOQnet we provide engineering services in the areas of Embedded System development, IoT System design, and Cloud application development. Our expertise is backed by collaborations with tier one automotive suppliers to develop secure access using constrained devices. Currently, we work with Cambio CarSharing on a robust cloud application to enhance their fleet access and control. And on the consumer side, we developed a cross-platform mobile app that enhances private and corporate security by removing the need for password based logins.

Our capabilities stretch further than business or consumer applications, as our background lies in wireless comms. research. Which lead us to develop and patent novel security for point-to-point communications. Therefore, you can trust us to provide engineering services tailored for you.

Cloud Vehicle Access Control

In cooperation with Cambio CarSharing and Cantamen, we are developing a distributed middleware system for booking and access management. Due to its modular and scalable architecture, the system strives in heterogeneous ecosystems fusing together access to garages, cars, or bikes without being bound to a single telematic box manufacturer.

Passwordless Authentication

Passwords are the keys to our digital life. Someone with an active digital life can easily have more than 100 online accounts – which for most people generates the tendency of reusing passwords – a mistake that can easily compromise your entire digital identity. WIOQnet has implemented an easy-to-use passwordless authenticator compliant to the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) standard for safe and secure access to all supporting websites.

Patented Physical Layer Security Solutions

1st Patent:

– (WO2020120292A1)
– Protection against eavesdroppers and key extraction
– Protection against decode and forward (DF) using low cost microcontrollers to detect delays (~50-200us) under strict round trip times (RTT) bounds


Beyond 5G Solutions

As part of the 6G Security Expert Group and also under the Oracle Project framework, WIOQnet is helping build the secure foundations of our next generation mobile communication standard.

Applications in the field of Autonomous mobility which require secure and reliable V2X communications, Industry 4.0 and Healthcare Systems can all benefit from the cutting-edge research being undertaken.

Our Story

The journey began in 2018 by Jonathan Bechtold, Andrei Stoica and Ivan Morales, a diverse team of engineers with a solution to a novel type of wireless attack which presented massive concerns to those automotive manufacturers producing keyless-entry vehicles. This solution demonstrated a level of resilience which was unmatched in the industry – considering that hardware modifications were not required. Through this innovation a patent was filed for the protection against eavesdropping and decode-and-forward attacks. We tested the technology in pilot projects with tier one automotive suppliers and submitted a second patent for amplify-and-forward attack detection. We further expanded our field of application by implementing the algorithms on different communication standards and platforms, such as for BLE devices targetting the IoT world. In May 2020, we joined the German Accelerator program and decided to further broaden our horizon within the sphere of digital access. We released the free-to-use WIOkey app for passwordless authentication and together with Cambio Carsharing are now developing a distributed middleware for fleet access and management in the car sharing space.

Meet our Core Team

Jonathan Bechtold

Jonathan Bechtold

Systems Engineer

  • Electronics and Comms. expertise
  • +5 years R&D on Physical Layer Security
  • Member of 6G Trust, Security & Privacy WG
Iván Morales

Iván Morales

Systems Engineer

  • Electrical & Computer Engineer expertise
  • +3 years R&D Physical Layer Security
  • Coding-based cryptographic key extraction
Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Abreu

Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Abreu

Technology Advisor

  • +20 years on Wireless Communications  Research
  • Co-founder & Advisor of Series A startup and innovation partner to over a dozen blue-chip companies

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“WioKey” Alpha Release Out Now

“WioKey” Alpha Release Out Now

WIOsense released their first alpha release version of WioKey in the Google Playstore. Besides providing a second-factor security for your accounts, the app also supports the FIDO2 standard for passwordless access. Numerous features are planned to be released in the...

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